Our mission is to guide the general public in understanding the status and interconnections of the ocean and its ecosystems through a combination of theory and practice. We aim to broaden people’s perspectives on the vast world of the ocean. We are committed to providing relevant international ocean information and encouraging participation in ocean activities worldwide to popularize ocean culture.

To achieve our goals, we focus on the following approaches:

  1. Providing international ocean information: We collect and organize the latest information on ocean-related topics, including environmental changes, biodiversity, fisheries, and marine pollution. This information is disseminated to the public through our website, social media platforms, and other media channels to raise awareness of the importance and urgency of ocean issues.

  2. Expanding public understanding of the ocean: We organize various educational activities such as seminars, lectures, workshops, and exhibitions to deliver ocean knowledge and scientific findings to the public. Through these activities, we aim to expand people’s perspectives on the ocean, increase their awareness of and concern for marine ecosystems, and foster a sense of stewardship towards the ocean.

  3. Encouraging participation in global ocean activities: We actively promote and organize people’s involvement in ocean activities worldwide, such as beach clean-ups, marine conservation volunteer programs, and marine science research projects. These activities provide practical opportunities for participants to experience the beauty and fragility of the ocean firsthand, nurturing their love and care for the marine environment.

Through these efforts, we strive to engage more people in ocean issues, enhance their understanding of the close connection between the ocean and human life, and work together to protect and sustainably utilize our precious marine resources.

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